The Women’s Cocktail Collective is a collaboration between leading female spirits producers, who have come together to elevate and amplify the voices of all women in the industry through a belief that we are stronger together.


Dr. Nicola Nice

CEO & Founder, Pomp & Whimsy

Pomp & Whimsy brings modern sensibilities to the tradition of gin making, by infusing classically distilled gin with a delightfully flavorful botanical liqueur. Founded by Dr. Nicola Nice, a trained sociologist, self-confessed cocktail obsessive, and advisor to some of world’s top spirits companies, Pomp & Whimsy is a cordial style gin inspired by the female culinary writers and home brewers of the Victorian era.



Allison Evanow

Founder, Square One Organic Spirits

As one of the first certified organic spirits, Square One Organic Vodka was inspired as much by the garden as it was by the art of mixology. For over a decade, Allison Evanow has been producing one of the greenest clear spirits in the industry, distilling her vodka from 100% organic American rye grain, scrupulously sourced botanicals and pristine water from Wyoming’s Teton Mountains; all packaged in sustainably sourced materials.


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Lizzie & Melanie Asher

Co-Founders, Macchu Pisco

Macchu Pisco brings an entirely new experience to discerning drinkers of this sublime Peruvian spirit. Founded by sisters Melanie and Lizzie Asher, Macchu Pisco casts a reverent eye towards the 400-year old traditions of Pisco production while being singular in its creation of modern purity and complexity.



Kiki Braverman

Founder, Pur Spirits

Pür•spirits is a portfolio of classic distillations that take a modern view on fresh, local and organic ingredients. Founded by Kiki Braverman who, like many of her fellow entrepreneurs, happened upon her passion for distilling somewhat circuitously. Growing up in Bavaria, Germany, she developed a deep love of nature and respect for the environment. This love took her across the globe, exploring different career paths and eventually settling in Northern California. Yet somehow, she always found herself returning to her first love: the seasonal ingredients, biodynamic cultivation and craft distilling traditions of her native Bavaria.



Carin Luna-Ostaseski

Founder, SIA Scotch

Not your grandfather’s scotch, SIA is a delicious 96-Point award-winning Scotch Whisky created to appeal to a modern palate. In a terrific twist of fate, a relationship break up caused founder Carin Luna-Ostaseski to seek new horizons in the form of a grand tour of her local whisky purveyor. A 300-strong collection of unique whiskies later, her heart was cured, and she became a dedicated student of this sublime spirit. Finally, after many years of hosting regular tasting events, her love for the spirit drove her to leave her 17-year career as a Creative Director and pursue her dream of becoming the first American woman in history to create a Scotch Whisky company.



Claire Marin

Founder, Catskill Provisions

Catskill Provisions Honey Rye Whiskey is a uniquely spicy, rugged rye whiskey subtly infused with 100% raw wildflower honey from New York’s Catskill Mountains. Founded by Claire Marin, a former magazine publisher with a passion for bees, love of local organic products, and businesses that make a difference in the community. What started as a bee-keeping hobby for Claire quickly turned into an empire when her rich and complex honey and line of artisanal products began attracting the attention of the nation’s top chefs.

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Pia Carusone

Co-Founder, Republic Restoratives

Republic Restoratives Distillery, located in the heart of Washington, D.C., is not only America’s largest crowd-funded distillery, but is also one of the few women-owned and operated distilleries in the world. Rr celebrates the heritage of hard work with a pioneering attitude towards the production of limited-batch spirits of the highest quality. Home to CIVIC Vodka, Borough Bourbon, Rodham Rye and Chapmans Apple Brandy, Republic Restoratives Distillery believes that there is no problem a good cocktail can’t solve.



Gina Corell Aglietti

Co-Founder, Yola Mezcal

Yola Mezcal is a handcrafted, traditionally distilled mezcal from the Oaxaca region of Mexico. Founded by Yola Jimenez with a secret recipe passed down from her grandfather, Yola is produced on the same mezcal farm in the lush San Juan del Rio valley that he first farmed in 1971. Together with her business partners, Gina Correll Aglietti and Lykke Li, Yola believes passionately in upholding the 300-year-old traditions of mezcal making.


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Kaitlyn Skloss

Co-Founder, Pura Vida Tequila

Pura Vida Tequila is a range of top-shelf triple-distilled 100 percent blue agave tequilas, distilled at the highest elevation distillery in the world. In the Mazamitla region of Mexico, the lush rain forest and cool mountain air is the perfect environment for the “pure life.” Pure Vida co-founder, Kaitlyn Skloss, left a lucrative law career in Boston to become a spirits entrepreneur setting off for a new life in Texas where she joined a quest to craft and share the ultimate tequila, “El Primero,” and bring the pure life home.



Tawnya Falkner

Founder, Le Grand Courtâge

Le Grand Courtâge owner Tawnya Falkner grew up in a 3-street town, and that upbringing awoke a desire to see the world. The more she traveled, the more she realized that food and wine are about human connection and bringing people together to share life’s simple pleasures. Fueled by a passion and a belief, Tawnya gave up her career, took the leap and moved to France. Her vision to create an affordable everyday luxury resulted in Le Grand Courtâge and Très Chic, award-winning French wines with appealing, modern character and an elegant appearance..