The Women’s Cocktail Collective is a collaboration between leading female spirits producers, who have come together to elevate and amplify the voices of all women in the industry through a belief that we are stronger together.


Dr. Nicola Nice

CEO & Founder, Pomp & Whimsy

Pomp & Whimsy brings modern sensibilities to the tradition of gin making, by infusing classically distilled gin with a delightfully flavorful botanical liqueur. Founded by Dr. Nicola Nice, a trained sociologist, self-confessed cocktail obsessive, and advisor to some of world’s top spirits companies, Pomp & Whimsy is a cordial style gin inspired by the female culinary writers and home brewers of the Victorian era.



Allison Evanow

Founder, Square One Organic Spirits

As one of the first certified organic spirits, Square One Organic Vodka was inspired as much by the garden as it was by the art of mixology. For over a decade, Allison Evanow has been producing one of the greenest clear spirits in the industry, distilling her vodka from 100% organic American rye grain, scrupulously sourced botanicals and pristine water from Wyoming’s Teton Mountains; all packaged in sustainably sourced materials.



Kiki Braverman

Founder, Pur Spirits

Pür•spirits is a portfolio of classic distillations that take a modern view on fresh, local and organic ingredients. Founded by Kiki Braverman who, like many of her fellow entrepreneurs, happened upon her passion for distilling somewhat circuitously. Growing up in Bavaria, Germany, she developed a deep love of nature and respect for the environment. This love took her across the globe, exploring different career paths and eventually settling in Northern California. Yet somehow, she always found herself returning to her first love: the seasonal ingredients, biodynamic cultivation and craft distilling traditions of her native Bavaria.



Carin Luna-Ostaseski

Founder, SIA Scotch

Not your grandfather’s scotch, SIA is a delicious 96-Point award-winning Scotch Whisky created to appeal to a modern palate. In a terrific twist of fate, a relationship break up caused founder Carin Luna-Ostaseski to seek new horizons in the form of a grand tour of her local whisky purveyor. A 300-strong collection of unique whiskies later, her heart was cured, and she became a dedicated student of this sublime spirit. Finally, after many years of hosting regular tasting events, her love for the spirit drove her to leave her 17-year career as a Creative Director and pursue her dream of becoming the first American woman in history to create a Scotch Whisky company.



Pia Carusone

Co-Founder, Republic Restoratives

Republic Restoratives Distillery, located in the heart of Washington, D.C., is not only America’s largest crowd-funded distillery, but is also one of the few women-owned and operated distilleries in the world. Rr celebrates the heritage of hard work with a pioneering attitude towards the production of limited-batch spirits of the highest quality. Home to CIVIC Vodka, Borough Bourbon, Rodham Rye and Chapmans Apple Brandy, Republic Restoratives Distillery believes that there is no problem a good cocktail can’t solve.



Tawnya Falkner

Founder, Le Grand Courtâge

Le Grand Courtâge owner Tawnya Falkner grew up in a 3-street town, and that upbringing awoke a desire to see the world. The more she traveled, the more she realized that food and wine are about human connection and bringing people together to share life’s simple pleasures. Fueled by a passion and a belief, Tawnya gave up her career, took the leap and moved to France. Her vision to create an affordable everyday luxury resulted in Le Grand Courtâge and Très Chic, award-winning French wines with appealing, modern character and an elegant appearance..


Absinthia with bottle summer green.png

Absinthia Vermut

Founder, Absinthia Absinthe

Absinthia Vermut is an entrepreneur with a passion for making things that help others make better cocktails. Her first taste of absinthe was in 1996. She served her first bootleg bottles to friends a few months later on April Fool’s Day 1997, where she received the nickname, Absinthia. She continued making absinthe until suddenly one day, March 5, 2007 to be exact, the ban on absinthe was lifted. Never expecting absinthe to be legal in her lifetime, she knew she wanted to produce an organic absinthe. In 2013, she legally changed her name to Absinthia (Vermut is on her birth certificate), trademarked it, and founded Absinthia’s Bottled Spirits, LLC in order to bring her organic absinthe to market. Finally able to sell her absinthe legally in September 2017, Absinthia™ Organic Absinthe Superieure began to appear in bars, restaurants, and bottle shops and won its first gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2018. Six awards and two years later, Absinthia Organic Absinthe is currently available in California, New York, and Louisiana, with more states on the way.



Heather Manley

Founder, Crooked Water Spirits

“Crooked Water” is a name derived from the lakeside town of Minnetrista, in which ‘minne’ means water and ‘trista’ means crooked. We, at Crooked Water Spirits (CWS), have a fierce commitment to our Minnesota roots, creating spirits with bold flavor profiles, campfire-inspired cask finishing and purposeful proofing. From the bright and herbaceous botanicals in our gins, to the deep richness of our bourbons, CWS offers a smooth and elevated experience. But don’t take our word for it — this 100% woman-owned and financed company has been recognized nationally, receiving numerous awards for our exceptionally tasty innovative products.

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Genevieve Brazelton

Founder, The Bitter Housewife

Genevieve Brazelton is the woman behind the flavors and look for The Bitter Housewife. The Bitter Housewife was born out of the question – are homemade bitters any better? Turns out they are and a desire to create the perfect bitters for an Old Fashioned was sparked. When her husband asked if bitters could be a business, Genevieve answered, “I honestly don’t know, but we should call it The Bitter Housewife.” With more than 20 years in the restaurant industry, Genevieve believes in flavor first and real ingredients, even in cocktails. Each flavor of bitters is carefully crafted to be balanced and accessible not matter your bartending experience level.

The mission behind The Bitter Housewife is to make cocktails fun and accessible to everyone whether entertaining or making yourself a well-deserved drink.



Lisa Laird Dunn

Vice President, Laird & Company

Ninth generation family member Lisa Laird Dunn is Vice President and World Ambassador of Laird & Company, which dates back to 1780, and holds U.S. Distillery License #1 that was issued immediately after Prohibition’s repeal. Lisa is the public face of the company, visiting markets across the country to support Laird & Company accounts, representing the brand at trade shows and organizing tastings and events. She also champions the company’s spirits among craft bartenders across the U.S. and globally. In no small part, Lisa, who joined the company three decades ago, is responsible for supporting the resurgence of Apple Brandy and Applejack in the contemporary craft cocktail scene.

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Carey Clahan and Sydney Rainin-Smith

Co-founders, Laughing Glass Cocktails

Best friends Carey Clahan and Sydney Rainin-Smith started Laughing Glass Cocktails in 2012. They took 1 year and 1 day to go from concept to store shelves with their super premium, all natural, low calorie, ready to serve margarita. Now, they have 3 award winning margaritas and are the only ready-to-pour cocktail

with a points rating: 91 points for the Classic Margarita, and 92 points for Pomegranate and Firecracker. They also won the Best of Class-Platinum Award for taste at the SIP Competition. The recently launched Firecracker Margarita - a spicy ancho chili and pineapple margarita - was a collaboration with Whole Foods Market. Laughing Glass is available at over 1000 grocery accounts including Whole Foods, Safeway, Vons, BevMo, and many more, in CA, NV and TX. Laughing Glass is proud to have created a company that focuses on bringing women together to relax, unwind, and enjoy the power of strong female friendships.



Karen Hoskin

Founder, Montanya Distillers

Karen Hoskin is well known as a vanguard of the rebirth of American Rum. When she started the craft distillery Montanya Distillers in the Rocky Mountains, few people knew there was a strong American rum tradition, not to mention a mountain tradition. Craft cocktails were not yet a major US trend and rum was still considered the wild west of spirits. To date, Karen has had a strong hand in helping the US market respect and get excited about American Rum, believe in the financial viability of craft cocktails, put rum in the best of these cocktails, and understand the high mountain tradition of rum. Karen is knowledgeable about all aspects of distilling science, distilling business, mixology, and bar and restaurant business, including sustainability and corporate responsibility. Montanya Distillers is a certified B Corp and Green Business.



Margaret Ebeling

Owner / CEO, Nordic Distillers

Nordic Distillers uses the inspiration of traditional Northern European flavors to create indulgent beverages using only premium ingredients. The flagship product Kringle Cream launched in 2013 when kringle was named the official state pastry of Wisconsin. Margaret Ebeling purchased the brand in 2018 to continue the fine tradition of Kringle Cream, a versatile rum cream liqueur with only real Wisconsin dairy cream and all natural ingredients, and to develop new, innovative beverages, perfect for sharing much like its namesake pastry. Kringle Cream is continually highly ranked in multiple guides and competitions including a 92 rating from Wine Enthusiast and 93 rating from the Beverage Tasting Institute.